Boulders, Ledge, Outcropping

Weathered Limestone Boulders / Ledgerock / Steps

Light to dark gray with light buff color mixed. Available in either boulder or ledgerock material with very ornate character. Great for walls, waterfalls, speciman boulders and numerous other features.

Glacial Boulders

Smooth, rounded granite boulders. Multi-colored. Sizes range 12-18″, 18-24″, 24-36″.

Weathered Sandstone Boulders / Ledgerock / Steps

Covered with lots of moss and lichen. 100 lbs. to 5000 lbs. size available. Gray, tan and red colors; flat and chunky to very ornate. Large boulders make beautiful speciman boulders.

Weathered Rhyolite Boulders

Dark gray to black granite boulder is very unique due to its irregular shapes and sizes. This stone is very dense and ideal for any water feature or landscape project. Available in all sizes, from small 1 to 2 man, to 5000 lb. and up.

EW Gold Ledgerock / Outcropping / Steps

Colors of gray, buff and gold. Very consistent thicknesses.

Meridan Red Boulders / Ledgerock

This rare stone is made up of light to deep red colors, combined with golds, buffs, and light greens within the stone as well as on the beds of the stone.

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