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Drainage & Erosion Control

French Drains & Retaining Walls

Whether building a new home or battling existing drainage issues, Modern Earth can create a water drainage solution that not only provides exceptional results, but is also aesthetically pleasing. We offer free estimates on all drainage projects, including retaining walls and French drains.

Solving Your Water Problems

In southwest Missouri, wet crawl spaces and flooded basements are almost expected. Very often these issues can be solved with the right approach to drainage. Before taking the advice of a plumber and installing a vapor barrier with sump pump, let our experts evaluate and determine if we have a drainage plan that works for you. Sump pumps are costly and remove water that has already invaded your home, creating possible maintenance nightmares in the future. Our drainage systems prevent the water from ever coming into your home. Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in drainage and water management. We utilize the latest GPS and laser technology when planning and installing our drainage systems to ensure your peace of mind. Water damage and mold mitigation are expensive headaches. Let us take care of your drainage solutions to protect your family and home to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Recent Drainage Control / Retaining Wall Builds

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Reach out today to request an estimate on any of the landscaping and drainage solutions we provide.  We proudly serve customers across Southwest Missouri.


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