All steps can be custom ordered in any size and finish imaginable. All custom orders require an up-front deposit. Please visit the store to view material and finish options. Custom orders also require at least 6 weeks of lead time.

Gabouri Snapped Steps

Blue Sandstone Snapped Step

Dark charcoal gray surface. Natural bed top/bottom. Blue/gray color on snapped edges. 3 ft OR 4 ft long x 5-6″ thick x 18″ deep.

Weathered Sandstone Irregular Step

Covered with lots of moss and lichen. Gray, tan and red colors; 3-5′ wide x 6-8″ thick x 18-36″ deep. SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY

Weathered Limestone Irregular Step

Light to dark gray with light buff color mixed. 3-5′ wide x 6-8″ thick x 18-36″ deep. SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY.

EW Gold Irregular Step

Colors of gray, buff and gold. Irregular shaped pieces. Call for availability.

Eden Snapped Step

Light gray pieces of limestone with very smooth natural bed texture. Snapped on all sides. 3 ft OR 4 ft x 5-8″ thick x 18″ deep.

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