Modern Eco Veneer

A lightweight and affordable natural stone veneer for interior and exterior applications.


As Low As $5.95 / Square Foot

Our Eco-Series is the ultimate collection of natural thin veneer stone, designed to fit any project’s budget without sacrificing quality, character, or performance. We’ve specifically designed this series to offer all the benefits and beauty of natural stone, but in a budget-friendly package that makes us wonder just where else something epic, memorable and beautiful might be built.

Modern Eco Veneer Available Colors







The Natural Stone Advantage

Numbers don’t lie: Natural stone stands the test of time. Manufactured stone veneer products, on the other hand, will always appear somewhat man-made and inferior, even to the untrained eye. No matter how many sizes and shapes of molds are used or variations of color shades are mixed and applied, it’s extremely difficult to recreate what nature and time do so wonderfully and easily.


Decades down the line, natural stone veneer often looks the same as it did on the very first day that it was installed. This, while offering one of the highest levels of durability and ease of maintenance available when it comes to modern building materials.


While often remaining remarkably stable in terms of quality and performance during the passage of time, certain variations of natural stone receive the added benefit of aging gracefully. Weathering and the process of oxidation brings out the natural character, textures, and patina that make every piece of stone so individually unique and beautiful. This process of maturing over time won’t degrade the quality or performance of the veneer – it simply enhances what has already occurred naturally over the eons.


Between our new Eco-Series and our many other natural stone options, Modern Earth Materials and our distribution partners are the best choice to help you build something epic. Natural stone gives your project the chance to last a lifetime and make a lasting impression.


Available in seven different style options, all of which can be installed as an adhered drystack or with visible grout lines, all of our Eco-Series of building stone veneer materials are sourced from local Missouri quarries before being delivered to your site.


By bringing the beauty and character of natural stone veneers to the forefront of architectural design in the Ozarks, the Eco-Series helps connect your home, landscape or building project with its surrounding natural landscape and context by revealing the rich textures and organice patterns that only time & Nature can create.

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